Our Mission

We strive to make the game discovery process easy and effortless for each and every user.

What We Do

Our website offers a comprehensive video games search engine and a catalog of curated games. Millions of users around the world rely on Gameseira to find new games so they can achieve more or simply have fun.

With gameseira.com, everyone can search for new and popular video games, read our thorough reviews and mini-reviews of these games, compare and download them if they wish.

However, there are a few other things packed for you:

  • You can read the news and how-tos on our blog;
  • Create your own game lists and share them with your friends;
  • And troubleshoot any game-related issues on our support forums.

Advertising Opportunities

We're a well-known publisher on the video games market. We work directly with top ad networks. Learn more about advertising on our site here.


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